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Java is unquestionably one of the hottest development languages to learn at this moment. There are hundreds of books about Java, covering all different levels. You can spend thousands of dollars on this subject and still not get any closer to Java nirvana. While you could spend your money on countless books or attend a Java class at some training center or college, MindQ offers another excellent way to learn Java: Computer-Based Training (CBT). You're probably thinking that CBTs are boring and you'll never get anything out of them. In reality, that holds true whether you take a class or read tons of books on the subject. CBT simply offers an alternative. As elegant as the Java language is, it's very dry when you try to learn it. MindQ does an exceptional job of keeping your attention glued to the subject matter through its interactive user interface. The Learning P... (more)

ProtoView JSuite by ProtoView

The world is based on objects. In the world of programming, objects are your friends, especially in an environment like Java. Objects in Java are known as JavaBeansª, or just Beans. After all, you can't make Java without Beans. ProtoView is definitely a company that wants you to use their Beans. They have a collection of JavaBeans that will help you extend your Java development and enhance your applications. ProtoView is no stranger to the object-based, component market. They also market ActiveX components that can be used with Microsoft Visual Basic, Internet Explorer and any o... (more)

Emblaze Audio/Video by GEO Publishing, Inc

The Internet has come a long way from Gopher and WAIS sites for distributing information. The World Wide Web has opened up a whole new avenue of products and a more usable method of deploying information. Multimedia has become a popular way to display your ideas over the Internet. There are a number of products on the market to help you deploy multimedia files through the Internet, but most require plugins and if you can't get them configured properly you might be left on the side of the road on the Information Superhighway. Other Internet multimedia components require your clien... (more)

NuMega DevPartner for Java

Spaghetti code, sloppy algorithms, irrelevant code execution, dead code and so on can all lead to poor application performance. No matter how much planning goes into the design of an application, there always seem to be some gray areas where code performance runs slower than expected or doesn't execute at all. If you've ever encountered this, ever wondered how fast your application's functions and events are really executing, or if they are executing at all, then NuMega's DevPartner for Java is a set of tools you should definitely look into. NuMega is best known for software and ... (more)

CodeBase 6

Without data from a database, business applications really don't do much. To take your Java experience to the next level, you should have database connectivity. There are still a lot of custom built DOS-based applications that are using xBase database technology, like dBASE, Fox Pro and Clipper. You're trying to convince your company to wake up and smell client/server, that Java can work as a database client and you can keep your data in their existing database format. The solution is using Sequiter Software's CodeBase database management library. Your manager has decided that y... (more)